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Client Reviews

Meet just a few of my HAPPY Clients!

I’m not happy until my clients are happy. I want to better understand their experiences of working with me, so that I can improve our process for the next session. Take a look below at what just a handful of my clients have to say about their Combat Clutter Organizing experiences.

Alissa and her Combat Clutter team have been such a blessing in our house!  The clutter at our house was out of control and completely overwhelming.  After seeing some before and after photos of Alissa’s work I felt comfortable letting her in to see the help we needed.  She came for a consultation and immediately set me at ease.  “I want to help you have more time to enjoy your family when you get home from work,” she said.  She took notes, gave a few ideas, and some tips so that when we went for the real work, we would get more accomplished.  After living at our house for so long we have an idea of where things go, but Alissa came in with some fresh ideas.  She rearranged furniture to create more space and function.  She organized our pantry, so we could see and find everything quickly. Along the way, she gave some really sound advice about our shopping habits and how to part with clutter that we don’t actually need and has been causing stress.  Where once we had a room that was a “catch-all,” we now have a lovely art space for our kids to enjoy and create.  Things in our house have a place, so we know where to put them away instead of creating more piles.  Now I know the process of purging and organizing, I have been applying it to cupboards and drawers in other spaces.  I could not give a higher recommendation!  In the name of self-care, give her a call and make an appointment.  You won’t be sorry!

Cindy G.

We have a challenging household – Long distance relationship (she is the tidy one), three daughters and a dad.  To put it lightly they take after me (not tidy).  After losing their mother (my ex), both Heather and I working full time, blending multiple households, we had ourselves a lot of clutter, disorganization, and just too much to handle.  That is where Alissa King came in.  She assured us it was addressable, gave us valuable ideas, listened to what we wanted to have happen, our goals, as well as challenges and advantages of the space we have as far as  where things should be or go, and how to keep up after we were complete.  Alissa was focused, caring to my daughter’s, Fiance’s, and my requests and needs.  The changes and improvements are immeasurable and we would recommend her over and over again.  I’m not just pleasantly surprised – I am amazed. Thank you Alissa!

Phil, Heather, Reese, Brooke, Noelle, Scarlette

I had been neglecting my office for two years. It turned into a “catch all” room. I was so overwhelmed, and didn’t even know where to start. Alissa came over, and helped me separate everything into 3 categories: keep, donate & throw away. Once we completed that task, she had my office put together & beautifully organized in 3 hours! It is now my favorite room in the house. I used to leave the door shut, and now it is open for all to see. I now use it often, and if I’m not, I stop by several times per day just to admire its beauty. I HIGHLY recommend Alissa for jobs big and small!! She’s a God-send!! You won’t regret it.

Forever grateful!

Rachael S.

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