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Get to know me...

Alissa King | Professional Organizer

My name is Alissa King and I am a dedicated and passionate residential and small business Professional Organizer.

I am also a dedicated Mommy to Logan and Lucille and wife to my amazing husband Zak. To all of you mom's out there, I have a special connection to you and can truly understand you when it comes to all of the trials and tribulations of motherhood and all that this wonderful gift gives us, one of which is CLUTTER. It can be a huge challenge in your household and I feel for my fellow Momma's out there that have the amount of clutter that comes along with our love bugs.

 About me..... I love to walk into a room and roll my sleeves up to transform it into not only an organized space, but with a new functional system that is easy to maintain. There is not a room or space that scares me, or gets me feeling perplexed. I have the self-confidence to say that I am willing to take on any challenge thrown my way. 

At the end of the day my goal is always this- I want my clients to have the feeling of relief, calm, no-stress, and to be excited about the final outcome of our sessions together.  And the icing on the cake is when we stand in the room together once it is finished and look at what we have accomplished. We will always end with a BIG hug and a huge sigh of relief. I truly care about my clients satisfaction and pay such a high level of special care, thought,  and attention to the details of how they want their space organized.

I pride myself in being 100% non-judgmental, being an attentive listener to my clients wants and needs for their space, being understanding ,taking time to make decisions on keep/toss items, being flexible, working quickly to make their session cost efficient, staying on task, punctual, always ready to get to work and with a plan for their space, and getting to know their needs and wants for their space.

My professional background is in Real Estate Marketing, Corporate Sales Executive in Technology, Massage Therapy and extensive Customer Service positions.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to De-Clutter your home or business space and creating a place that works best for you.

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